Fysioniska is a company based in Imatra and founded in 2000. We provide you professional physiotherapy and massage by well-educated therapists. Our location at the Colosseum fitness center allows us access to professional gym too. Besides exercises we do also manual therapy and massage. We serve you with or without doctor’s referral. Our facilities are wheelchair accessible and we also do home visits.


First choose the treatment you need, then choose the therapist, after that you can browse free times. You can book time one hour before so you can look in the morning if there are any free times for the day. After booking you will receive a confirmation email and by that you can make changes or cancel time on yourself up to 24 hours in advance.

Notice, if you have some problems with booking system below, you can try direct link to booking here: https://vello.fi/fysioniska/
There you can also change language of booking app. Click in the upper left corner ”Valinnat” and there change ”Suomi” to ”English”.


Physiotherapy by doctor’s referral (without referral)

30 min                                               35€ (39€)
45 min                                               42€ (48€)
60 min                                               52€ (60€)
Acupuncture 30 min                     35€
Home visit 45 min                          69€



30 min                                         35€
45 min                                         42€
60 min                                         52€
90 min                                         72€

Compression treatment 30min      35€


NOTICE! For non-canceled treatment we will charge you the cost of treatment.

Payment after each treatment.



Tainionkoskentie 10, 3. floor (with Kuntokeskus Colosseum)
55100 Imatra
+358 40 320 6879

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